Will gold and silver bullion rebound in coming weeks??


How is it possible that bullion is rebounding lately?? Why are we seeing this recovery..or is it a recovery?

For those who have been following the equity, currency, bond and commodity markets...we have seen dips....and then a "hammering" like we 2 weeks ago for precious metals. Was it a "big finger" trader offloading a huge trade, was it a specific brokerage that want to "short" their position or central banks offloading their "physical gold reserves".

Personally, I found it very peculiar..and coincidental..that a report made by Goldman Sachs on April 10th providing their analysis on "gold" dropping below $1400/oz..and then that week..on Friday, April 12th...NFP data came out weaker...and we saw the "downfall" of the "safe-haven" metal.

This week..we are seeing a rebound..? Why? It seems that central banks..more so..."emerging central banks" are increasing their storage of gold reserves...do you blame them...with these affordable prices? As well..silver shortages..via "bullion mint producers". This is evidence that "paper etf's" for bullion..have not propped the "precious metal" market..but more so the "physical asset purchasing" of precious metals has given a boost. China and India are key purchasers of precious metals..and whenever there is a "great deal.. in price"...the middle-class will purchase to stock up their reserves to preserve wealth.

Unfortunately, in the Western world..the media has "downplayed" "precious metals" ..is "gold truly a safe-haven?" .."Gold has no intrinsic value"....these are some of the headlines that were "blasted" in the media. Precious metals may see a pullback..but how can a commodity that has been used for about 5000 yrs ..not hold "any value".

The question now remains..which prognosticator is accurate for the forecast of "gold and silver's" rebound for 2013 & 2014??

Overall...preservation of wealth are on the minds of all investors.

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