Sample of Customers Testimonials:

I thank Mr. Lambroff @ RKTP for educating myself in understanding market knowledge as it was definitely worth my time. Now I know a lot more about the markets than I ever had before.

I'm also glad to receive my 'daily market reports' providing not only Gold and Silver Price Trends which is another value added service provided by RKTP.

Thanks again Mr. Lambroff and look forward towards future business with your company.

John, Celebrity Painters| Bradford ON www.celebritypainters.ca

I have known Mr. Lambroff for over 7 years and his passion for the understanding the World Markets has not changed. He is able to explain trends in the complex currency market & Gold Trading Analysis in a simple and easy manner. He has provided valuable information on the precious metals market over the years.

Rafaele Fasan, Business Analyst| Toronto ON

Over the years, Mr. Lambroff has been quite helpful in my understanding of the Precious Metals Trends, I read his Daily Reports as a tool for my market knowledge & Current Gold Trend. As well his currency analysis is informative for my overall understanding of how currency movements impact our daily lives.

Sam, I.T. Systems Analyst|Toronto ON

I am submitting this testimonial to thank Mr. Lambroff for educating myself about the markets via his Daily Reports. He is very thorough and simplistic in his explanations with relation to market enquiries. Keep up the great work!

Elise, T, University Student|Markham ON

Mr. Lambroff’s daily reports are concentrated with highly educational information regarding Foreign Exchange & Precious Metals. We would recommend RKTP to others without hesitation.

Firesteel Resources Team|Toronto ON  www.firesteelresources.com