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FOMC meeting minutes drama??


FOMC Decision commentary today could cause a shake in the markets….

Bernanke speech today once again is the “rockstar” event in today’s commentary via the FOMC Meeting minutes. Traders and investors agree that the same FOMC Projections speech will be presented..i.e. monitoring employment figures..housing market is improving…..with a similar theme. The usual Bernanke Press Conference follows Federal Open Market Committee…yet Bernanke is able to “tame” the markets with Bernanke News.

The Fed continues to be the “main card” in the world ‘deck of cards’. Markets are awaiting FOMC announcement statement providing positive injection via the FED further “bond purchases” in the coming months. As well, Yellen and Summers if they are the selected candidates for Obama….they could be the ‘saviours’ to the market??

If Yellen is selected, she will be “status quo” and accepted for her “Bernhamlet stance ..”put the pedal to the metal”.

All the chatter about “tapering” is truly a buildup to failure. The Fed has no other option but to continue it’s purchases…truly…which economy wants to inherit the 2008 toxic assets via the housing crash?? US economic monetary policy will remain a question by numerous BRICS nations and other world economies.

Overall, the FOMC Statement provides the best “drama” in the financial markets. If an academy award is provided for the “best suspense”…”leading actor”…the Fed would win ‘hands down’. Hollywood has a slew of epic stories available …since 2008 to present 2013 pick your theme. How long can this continue?? Notch another ‘check mark’ in your book for the next headline in the FOMC Meeting Calendar.

Yellen or Summers to replace Bernanke??


Yellen or Summers to replace Bernanke???

Since last week, market speculation via traders, analysts, economists..even U.S. senators are all speculating about possible Bernanke replacement.

Truly..does it matter????

The issue at hand is not, whether it should be a male instead of a female ( Janet Yellen) to represent the Fed as some are indicating that Summers was the main reason for the creation of the “Financial crash in 2008”. The topic should be…will the newly appointed “Fed Chairman” if it happens..implement a “new solution” instead of the “stimulus injection” process that is causing a future “debt bubble burst”.

We all know that the FED’s ‘cards are displayed’ via Bernanke Press Conference after FOMC commentary &  the infamous Bernanke Speech followed after, there is no other option but to just continue with the ‘digital printing’. In fact, Japan, U.K. and the ECB has continued this process. The FED has been a major influence for other central banks to continue this option. A new direction is required and if the U.S. is considering to take the ‘lead’ they will need to provide confidence to investors and the markets that they ‘can control their current bubble’. Also, can the USD remain the reserve currency if the situation has not changed??

The question is….will that be the FED’s agenda..or continue with ‘status quo’.