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US shutdown?? | us debt limit

Will the hype live up to the actual outcome???

TIC..TOC..TIC..TOC…the clock strikes midnight..and will the US shutdown allow a partial or full shutdown today????

Since 2005, the US has provided numerous “Hollywood” events…Iraq war invasion, Obama Bank Bailout 2009, GM Bailout 2009 (although GM Bailout Pay Back 2012 cleared debt), Us Debt Ceiling increase, “to taper or not” via Bernhamlet…and now…a possible US shutdown looming..the first in 17 years?? Can we believe this scenario?? How many more epic issues can the “magicians in the U.S.” provide to the world?? Hasn’t the “rabbit” out of the hat trick been shown??

The world has changed allover from a financial perspective and if your seeking a “main event” of all nations in the world the US provides “Superbowl” style hype like no other…grab some popcorn and refreshments and enjoy the show!!

Let’s be honest, Obama under his current term will continually provide these “illusions”, Bernhamlet will continue his “rabbit out the hat tricks” as both need to maintain “status quo”…all is good in their minds. We all know the US is heading towards a downward trend with a memorable U.S. Debt History …and continual devaluation of the USD does not benefit the world economies. The digital printing press via the FED is the only resolve for the US as they need “easy money” to feed their Bank Bailout List and cushion Wall St “fat cat” bonuses. The financial world is slowly trying to evolve into a new standard and will the BRICS nations banking system that is currently developed..become the a model to follow for the future??