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Bailouts…and how effective are they for economies…. | bailout


Bailouts…and how effective are they for economies…

With recent articles http://business.financialpost.com/2013/05/13/the-price-of-taxpayer-support-for-canadian-banks/ pertaining to “possible bailouts ( previous bailouts: Ireland Bailout, US Auto Bailout, GM Bailout Canada, Canadian Bank Bailout 2009 & Goldman Sachs Bailout)” and who would be “on the hook”.

Flaherty has been “touting” how stable and prepared Canada has been since 2008 financial crisis….what I have noticed in recent articles..today’s and the last G20 meeting…Mark Carney News (Canada’s B.O.C. chairman) provided insight. He mentioned that if Canada had a “Cyprus” situation…that he couldn’t guarantee that all of Canada’s bank depositor funds would be protected.

The current theme continuing for today’s modern world in our financial system…”uncertainty”, “austerity” & “Bank Bailout“. With investors seeking alternative investments for returns (i.e. precious metals) and concerned about their bank deposits..2014 and beyond prepares us for a possible new financial system.

Precious metals remains in the headlines..as it should…emerging market central banks “buying more gold”…talks of a “alternative currency” to the USD…the key to survival in our current financial system is to be “resilient”..”knowledgeable” and “empowering oneself” to be prepared for whatever “ditches” lie ahead on your path.

Who benefits from the Cyprus deal?

Cyprus deal resolved??Click here

Cyprus has been the “beta-test” for bailouts…and will “bail-ins” be the next saga in Europe and the rest of the world?? The end loser is the economy of Cyprus as foreign investments will flock…as the majority of investment came in due to “tax haven” safety for individuals and businesses. The question remains…will Russia pump more money into Cyprus…and which country will gain Cyprus “natural gas” reserves…Russia or Turkey.