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US default averted??




All the hoopla “averted default” for the US…!!

The clock kept on ticking…and the US debt limit extension was near or was it not?? The media continued to add excitement, drama, frenzy and of course the possibility of “what if” a U.S. Government Default  or U.S.Default 2013??? Has the US default averted or postponed for another day?? Hollywood truly needs to add a nomination in 2014 during the Oscars for “best drama”..and the winner goes to…..US senate …”best supporting actor” US media.

This illusion that we continually see on mainstream media starts to get stale, GM bailout 2008 the list goes on. The real story behind these issues…U.S. senate loves to additional clauses in each passed bill. The bigger picture, the average U.S. citizen will shed the pain as we have seen currently with social services, food stamps etc. The apparent “averted default” will arise again in February 2014 where apparently the U.S. Debt limit expires once more.

Meaning of Averted : to ward off; prevent. Do we agree this has been averted..for now yes..but for a bigger mess later…? No matter how the “cookie crumbles” the U.S. economy is becoming scrutinized more than it has in history, as most empires experience during times of hardship. Every empire provides the same plan…weakened economy, appeal to the masses and bring on the games or distract from the real issues. The media has done a masterful job of that!

Did you think Tyson vs Holyfield match was a good rematch…how about his next round in 2014?? The overall picture for the United States of America will be …how long can this illusion continue and will the world economies plan to place the USD on the shelf and place another few basket of currencies as the mainly denominated reserve currency. With 2014 around the corner, US default averted or will continue… the financial world is evolving with mobile payments, bitcoin, Mint Chip..what is next for our monetary system??