Gold ETF's Vs Gold Physical Ownership


Is Gold still a viable "alternative investment option"???

Since 9th of May 2013, we have seen gold & silver falling to all-time lows. The media has the "doom and gloom" scenario for having possession of gold or silver. Precious metals seem to be "too risky" of a viable "investment option".

We have seen in the past 2 weeks...Gold ETF's "hedge funds" release some of their reserve..Soros releasing more...and Paulson funds...feeling the impact. Yet in Asia..mainly India and China...physical ownership of "precious metals" has increased...along with emerging market central banks "gobbling" more for their reserves.

The demand for these "historical" metals...both gold and silver have been in circulation for centuries. What perplexes my how in North America or the western nations...we are less reluctant to use the principle "buy low..sell high" mentality for precious metals..and solely use that idea towards equities etc..

Whether we agree with it or not..inflation will continually rise...and times are becoming more apparent around the world..towards our global economies. With the current themes "uncertainty, austerity, qe or stimulus injection and bailouts"...the world seeking "alternative investment options". Is it time for our portfolio's to diversify further...from the "norm"??? My personal answer: YES!

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