Fed chatter 'tapering'??


How much chatter can the markets absorb??

In recent days and in fact weeks..."to taper or not" has been the topic for the FED. Yesterday was another example of how markets are "sensitive" to chatter from the FED.

Instead of the famous quote from Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' "to be or not to be" ...that has been squashed by "to taper or not "???

With top economists, analysts, traders, investors, news media....why all the "hype"? In my view, this theme is effective for the FED to distract the current U.S. economy and it's "stagnating growth". The cards are revealed...we all know the FED has no other option but to "continue injection stimulus or purchase more bonds"...regardless of the terminology..."digital printing presses will continue".

The question remains....can the FED play this game on distracting by "playing the taper card" and how long will this game continue before the "table calls the bluff"??

In Canada, newly appointed Stephen Poluz either can play along...or take the lead...and not allow his decisions to be swayed by the Fed's "unstable policies". Poluz has an economy that has expanded it's "free trade" ties with other nations...and can the Canadian economy diversify it's current exports to the U.S. @ 85 to 90 percent and have a mix involving it's current agreements with China, Europe, Latin America & South America.

Overall, the "chatter" will remain and what theme can we expect for 2014??

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