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Bullion surge or not??




Bullion surge or not…this enquiry has been on the minds of numerous investors and the markets in general?? When will we see the next surge for Bullion…or will the predictions via Goldman Sachs earlier this year, hold value and once again place a “dagger” in the growth of recent bullish bullion trends.

The famous Dennis Gartman, Eric Sprott, David Morgan, Marc Faber & Jim Rogers strongly believe the “time is near” for bullion to make a run in the coming years. These highly acclaimed individuals have “stuck to their guns” and have not altered their mindset on what lies in the future for bullion. Yet the media has created a “masterful” job in painting a different picture. Some views are Silver Prices &Gold Prices are manipulated.

This picture even stems down to some advisors and financial planners. In their minds…”gold is a very risky asset”…truly…what is not risky today? Shares are falling and rising like a “rollercoaster”…tell that to individuals that owned Facebook…Nortel there are many that are in the red for the investor. The investor remains confident that their share price will rebound, yet investing in gold & silver remains a mystery. In my view, it is lack of education and realizing that the only preserver of wealth for centuries has always been gold & silver bullion.

The mentality for along time in North America…”buy low ..sell high”..relates to products excluding gold & silver. When your an investor and your taught this philosophy…you cannot resist to invest in securities. If every investor thought that “physical assets” such as bullion are considered risky..why do we purchase property? Simple answer …for the long term growth and reward. The difference bullion..more portable, divisible and much easier to liquidate.

Can Gold & Silver surge once again…? If you check the statistics of central bank reserves and the BRICS nations…that answer is definite “yes”. To the is a “no”..and the “short-term” view of each investor will keep the philosophy that bullion does not hold true value. Remember…..if bullion truly holds no value..the global central banks would not have this asset attributed to their reserve portfolio. It is not only a protection against inflation for these organizations, it is more a protection of their countries wealth.

The surge is coming…and when it does…make your decision..”do I want to own a physical asset” that has lasted for centuries and is divisible or do I sit back and wait for the “proof in the pudding”? Bullion whether buried in the oceans or in soil…when discovered..the “gleam” awakens every soul.