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Bernanke saga ends???





Bernanke saga ends???

As we draw closer to the date of January 31st of 2014, a saga will end and bring in a new era for world central banks to follow…the “Yellenator”!

Bernanke or in my opinion “Bernhamlet” to “taper or not that is the question” has provided the financial markets additional stimulus injection Bernanke QE3 that history will remember for decades. Bernhamlet has created a legacy for himself that exceeds all previous FED chairmen, Greenspan or Summers.

During Bernhamlet’s tenure, he has had famous battles with the infamous Ron Paul amongst other Financial Committee U.S. senators, Bernanke Speech explaining the FED monetary policy stance and why it is effective.  He remained resilient and with his back against the ropes came out with the biggest knockout…Ladies and Gentlemen…”injection to infinity”. He has embedded his code to all central banks that  “stimulus” is the only option and inflation will be contained. We have seen 2013 become a year of “stimulus” and as it ended the debate to dwindle down “bond purchases”. Even his famous quote “data dependant” regarding to increase or decrease stimulus has been imitated by numerous central bankers, including our very own Bank of Canada chairman, Stephen Poloz and previous chairman now Bank of England ..Mark Carney.

With the new chairman on board the Yellenator, Bernhamlet has groomed the new prodigy to enforce his mantra. Yellenator will add her own twist, yet she will remain on the similar path to assist a sinking Titanic the U.S. economy that in time will have no option but to relinquish it’s dominance as the world currency.

For now, Bernanke has created more breathtaking illusions that the great Houdini or David Copperfield would ever imagine. Truly create nothing out of nothing..increase stimulus = more paper debt placing future citizens indebted for a lifetime. Whether Bernanke has left his post, the “Wizard of OZ” will always remain behind a hidden curtain. Thank you Bernhamlet for creating the biggest “credit” creation in history.




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Famous quote we are hearing today in the financial markets…”to taper or not…that is the question?”


Bernhamlet (as we all know him Bernanke) has managed to provide the most elusive hype of the current century. Over the past 3 mths ...Bernhamlet   has continued to keep the media, traders and analysts guessing as to the Fed’s true plan. Either to end bond purchases and clear Federal Reserve Balance Sheet, slice alittle or continue to “print to infinity”. Yesterday’s Bernanke Speech via his Bernanke Press Conference in Washington, was not a shock for myself or others in the market..yet the media had seemed surprised. No TAPER…what??? After years of assessing technical and more so “macroeconomic” data…the Fed will continue provide these “menagerie tricks” as the U.S. economy cannot survive without continue more stimulus.


I read an article yesterday from the Telegraph in the U.K…and the editor had mentioned a valid point. Stimulus can be a positive factor for any economy…the key is to direct it where it is needed most. In the U.S. we have seen…the path of Unconditioned Stimulus into the “big banks” pockets or right into Wall St.


Can the Fed continue this hype as “chatter” continues today…will “Octaper” commence for next month? If Yellen is nominated or whomever the next candidate to replace Bernanke…will they correct the U.S. monetary policy and provide hope…or continue the “petal to the metal”.

Truly, Who Owns Federal Reserve..we all know it’s a private entity…and it will remain at the “helm”.  Overall, next month’s “Octaper”..if that transpires and U.S. debt limit will be heated discussion. Grab your popcorn as the end of 2013 will be the “highlight” in coming years and possibly Bernhamlet’s legacy.