Canadian credit union banks taking 'jab' at the Big 6


Can Canada take the lead in becoming "David against Goliath" showing the world...that possibly "too big to fail...may have competition? Since 2008, the financial crisis has awakened many to either seek new banking alternatives and Canadian banks  (i.e Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, TD Bank, CIBC Bank,Royal Bank, Laurentian Bank & National Bank of Canada )have taken the lead.

Credit unions for years have been the local community bank, now their numbers are increasing (as per Credit Union Canada stats) and can they make an impact to change the consumers decision on banking choices? The Political Map of Canada is changing, with Toronto Canada as the hub for financial services and today's Canadian citizen has more choices than they have had in the past. Can Canada Map itself and take the lead in the banking world with conservative yet strategic decisions to keep the economy "above water"...will this be a new corner in the banking system?

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