BMG bullion 'forecast' for GOLD in 2013


Nick Barisheff, president and CEO of Bullion Management Group Inc., holder of Gold Bullion Funds (BMG Bullion) & creator of BMG Bullion Fund, discusses the irreversible trends that will drive gold to $10,000. Nick talks about the growing distrust in governments and the financial system; the war between countries, currencies and gold; and the demise of the petrodollar. He goes on to address the most important influence on the price of gold—global government debt—and the political options available to counter that debt, including financial repression and negative real interest rates. Also discussed: the increased preference for physical gold over paper gold; central bank gold buying; Germany’s gold repatriation; Japan’s monetization as a forerunner to US monetization; and complexity, obfuscation and scandal. Finally, Nick examines what could stop the gold price from rising, and where gold is heading in 2013.

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